A Day of Parks and Art

Picnic Lunch:   10 am – 2 pm
Museum Visit: 2 pm

So what is the connection between the Monroe Reservoir and Glenn Close you ask? Well, you’re the connection!  On June 26th we’re going to head to a reserved shelter in the Hoosier National Forest at the Hardin Ridge Recreation Area on Monroe Reservoir where a picnic style lunch will be provided for all attendees. Our time at that location will be from 10 am to 2 pm.  There is a $5 per vehicle charge at the entrance and a $15 per person charge for the lunch which is payable when you register @ INRCCCA.org.

We’ve been told that the weather will be perfect, bothersome bugs will congregate elsewhere and the commune with nature will be unmatched.  I would share that the commune with your fellow Classic Car Club members will also be unmatched and highly enjoyable.

After our leisurely lunch and selected outdoor adventures, we will head a short distance to the north arriving at the Eskenazi Museum of Art on the IU Bloomington campus where we can enjoy not only the remarkable permanent art collections but also a Featured Exhibition called “The Art of the Collection”.

As explained by the Museum, in 2017, eight-time Academy Award–nominated and three-time Emmy- and Tony-winning actress Glenn Close donated her collection of more than 800 pieces and other items. Through a selection of costumes from the collection, the exhibition will explore the art of developing a character with a focus on the creativity and skills of the designers and makers, as well as the collaborative process between Close and the artists who help bring her characters to life. Featuring the work of award-winning costume designers—including Anthony Powell (101 and 102 Dalmatians), Ann Roth (The Stepford Wives) and James Acheson (Dangerous Liaisons)—the exhibition will include clothing and accessories that Close carefully collected from the beginning of her career. It will also showcase the artistry and handcraft of makers such as Barbara Matera and Katherine Marshall.

I think this will be a great day for Classic Car Club members, associate members and guests given the variety of the offerings and the gentle pace of the event.  The scenery should be quite enjoyable as well.

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Jun 26 2021


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