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James Dean at Home

On October 9th we will enjoy breakfast at Ginger’s Café in Noblesville, IN starting at 9:00am ET.

We will leave at 10:30am to arrive at the James Dean Gallery in Fairmount, IN at 12:00pm to catch their movie on Dean’s TV commercials, TV roles Broadway plays and 3 movie trailers.

We will head over to the Fairmount Historical Museum at 1:00 – 1:30pm to hear some wonderful “local “ facts and tales about their local boy that made it big while seeing many of James Dean’s personal articles, HS honors and multiple sports achievements. That museum will set you back $5 unless you would like to contribute more.

Here’s the BIG DEAL – we’ve been invited to the family farm by James Dean’s cousin Marcus who grew up with him on the Winslow Farm. Marcus lives on the farm and is responsible for finding and restoring Jimmy’s two motorcycles, gathering all the memorabilia in the Fairmount Historical Museum plus all the vehicles at the Winslow Farm. The basketball hoop is still attached to the old barn where James practiced and became a HS star. Bob Snider from the Porsche Club – yes, the Porsche is the connection to James Dean – has spent considerable time putting all of this together for us along with a private room for dinner before we head back.


Oct 09 2021

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